France 3 Limousin ont passé chez moi pour filmer une partie d’une reportage sur des projets de Laetitia Forst. On a pu présenter un peu sur notre projet commun “Generation” 🙂 Voila l’article et le vidéo :

Mannequin by Maurice Henry 1938

Collection Inspiration

Firstly, I am very thankful that no one I know was hurt by the events of friday the 13th here in Paris. The dust has barely settled, and I am still with a heavy heart, but the feeling in the air is to push on, to standup to fear and not let it hold us down. So here I am back on my feet ready to share with you a bit more about my knitwear adventures. I am working on a new knitwear collection that I plan to produce and sell under my own independent design label. I would love to share with you some of …

Yarn count vs Yarn weight

Who could have imagined it was so complicated to know the size of a yarn ?! As I am ordering some test yarns for my knitwear collection from an industrial yarn spinner (local and ecological from Filatures du Parc) I had to decide what size yarns I’d like to use in terms of their yarn count, metric number or Nm. In France and it seems a good part of Europe it’s calculated as the number of km per kg, and also often written in meters instead. It got me thinking about my hand knitting yarns and if I had any of equivalent size that I could also do …

Retro mechanical Inspiration

This weekend I went into Normandy with some friends who are into restoring old vehicles and bikes to a flea market for retro car, motorcycle, and bike parts. The pieces from 1910 or so I find the most inspiring, both ornamental parts as well as mechanical pieces, and even the tools etc. Last year I went in March and found many decorative pieces that inspired the designs for my knitwear graduation collection. One piece I used as a closure on a jacket. The other pieces I used to design the shoes and hairstyles for the fashion shooting. This year although I took many photos of …

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