Mannequin by Maurice Henry 1938

Collection Inspiration

Collection Inspiration

Photo of mannequin by Maurice-Henry [source]

Firstly, I am very thankful that no one I know was hurt by the events of friday the 13th here in Paris. The dust has barely settled, and I am still with a heavy heart, but the feeling in the air is to push on, to standup to fear and not let it hold us down. So here I am back on my feet ready to share with you a bit more about my knitwear adventures.

I am working on a new knitwear collection that I plan to produce and sell under my own independent design label. I would love to share with you some of the process involved in designing a collection. Without giving too much away I’m going to share with you some details and sneak peeks, please be a little patient till I am ready to show you the full pieces

One of the first steps when starting a collection is to start to amass sources of inspiration and filter and sort it into a well defined theme to serve as a guide and reference for the mood of the collection. These inspirations can come from anywhere, often for me from science and technology, science fiction and fantasy, history, nature, abstract ideas and concepts, geometry/visual mathematics, architecture, sculpture, industrial design, video games, music, and directly from fashion and knitting.

For this collection I took off from much the same world as emerged with my graduate collection. Retro-futurist composed of art nouveau style architecture and structures, military uniforms, industrial mechanics, futurism, movement and flight, the industrial revolution and victorian clothing styles. Now my attention has shifted a little bit more towards flying : zeppelins, parachutes, and pioneering women aviators such as Amelia Earhart and her comrades in the Women’s Air Derby of 1929.

So here are a couple of the images I keep referring back to as I am designing. We’ll see how they manifest, evolve, and shift with the collection.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart [source]

Zeppelin under construction

Zeppelin under construction [source]

Kinetic sculptures "Strandbeest" of Theo Jansen

Kinetic sculptures “Strandbeest” of Theo Jansen [source]


F.C. Gundlach, model
Mirella Petteni in a saga mink jumpsuit [source]

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